Palms Enclave - Gujranwala

Palms Enclave is the pilot project of Roshni Homes Trust, it was established 18 years ago in Gujranwala, Pakistan with a vision to develop orphan children into future productive citizens. Palms Enclave provides residency, education, safety and a host of other services to orphan children without parental care. Whilst providing adequate housing for orphaned children, Roshni Homes delivers Social and Moral Development, Health and Physical Development, Academic Development and Support, and fundamentally, a regular family unit, preparing the children to depart from Roshni Homes as productive citizens. 

The children at Roshni Homes are constantly under the care of trained professionals who provide detailed reports of their behaviour, academic progress and health, and the provision of excellent schooling by Roshni Homes has assisted in grooming predominantly brilliant future citizens. Palms Enclave has a dedicated team, consisting of volunteers and salaried staff, philanthropic and accomplished individuals as well as many friends across the globe helping Roshni Homes Trust to make a unique impact in orphan welfare.