Story of Roshni Homes Trust

Home is where our story begins and it is evident that there is no place like home. But some of us do not get the luxury of living under a roof filled with shelter, compassion & love. Family is a bond which blesses us with undescribable strength. Family is love, loyalty and power. Since 2002, Roshni Homes Trust has been putting together the cast away orphans into a family and has managed to provide a home to these kids. We, at Roshni, are about living together and developing together. We are not just a home for the orphans, we are a developing society of responsible citizen with academic, moral and ethical ability to serve.

For over a period of 13 years, with the help of kind and generous people and enthusiatic faculty we have managed to develop a community center consisting of a kids home, a boys youth home and a girls youth home.

Some of the initiatives of Roshni Homes Trust Community are:

  1. Blood Donation Club
  2. Clean Water Program
  3. Ambulance Service
  4. Community Clinic
  5. Academic Assistance Centre
  6. Library
  7. Horticulture Centre
  8. Community TV
  9. Sewing & Design Centre

Our Children at Roshni are confident, productive, emotionally intelligent and with their own unique dreams, passions and talents. And we are glad you are here to be a part of our shared dream of helping these kids grow. Welcome to our home!

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