LIFE DURING THE PANDEMIC – How Palms Enclave practices well-being

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected all aspects of our lives in different communities. But Palms Enclave Gujranwala, a project of Roshni Homes Trust has dealt with the situation as well as created a better environment for educating its children. Some values of our community development ethos were followed to make this time valuable and fruitful.

  • Our Battle: COVID-19 Prevention SOPs Awareness Campaign
  • Online Schooling and Technology trainings
  • On Campus Summer Clubs
  • Palms Enclave Well-Being program in action

We made this time valuable and learnable for our kids.

Our team arranged some brief sessions for children to educate them about SOPs as per global CDC-Center for Disease Control and WHO- World Health Organizations regulations. They taught them how to survive and keep healthy during this situation, how to take care of your health and immunity, how to wash hands and how to maintain social distance.

Children have returned to their online classes regularly; they didn’t face any difficulty in coping with the change. During the lockdown classes we arranged for children about technology usage especially Zoom App, Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. These sessions helped them a lot during online classes.

In Palms Enclave,  we arranged as usual summer camp for 8 weeks for better learning of our children during pandemic and summer vacations. We classified this time period into some learning clubs that were:

  • Life skills club
  • Language and research club
  • Art & Craft Club
  • Horticulture Club
  • Dramatic Club
  • Film and media club
  • Science and technology Club
  • Sports Club

Children selected clubs according to their choice and learned by fun.

During pandemic children’s fitness was our first priority. Our Wellbeing committee designed a daily yoga and sports plan as the fitness project. Children made their daily practice of sunrise daily yoga and Yoga meditation and noticed a change towards a healthy and fit body, mind and spirit. Their feedback about these activities was very positive. They think yoga changed their life positively. Our Well-being program consisted the following:

  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily sports
  • Martial Arts Trainings

The Well-Being program launched by our Community Health and Well-Being Committee which includes children and youth of Palms Enclave as members has worked hard to take decisions for the community  which were necessary for children’s healthy and positive growth.

Online school
Learning about SOPs
Martial Training