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LIFE DURING THE PANDEMIC – How Palms Enclave practices well-being

(April-September 2020)


(August-October 2020)

GLC SUPPORTS ROSHNI HOMES TRUST: English language improvement courses

(November 2020-January 2021)

PARTNERSHIP WITH KARMUQABLA – Education Technology for the win!

(December 2020)

LIFE DURING THE PANDEMIC - How Palms Enclave practices well-being

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected all aspects of our lives in different communities. But Palms Enclave Gujranwala, a project of Roshni Homes Trust has dealt with the situation as well as created a better environment for educating its children. Some values of our community development ethos were followed to make this time valuable and fruitful.

  • Our Battle: COVID-19 Prevention SOPs Awareness Campaign
  • Online Schooling and Technology trainings
  • On Campus Summer Clubs
  • Palms Enclave Well-Being program in action

We made this time valuable and learnable for our kids.

Our team arranged some brief sessions for children to educate them about SOPs as per global CDC-Center for Disease Control and WHO- World Health Organizations regulations. They taught them how to survive and keep healthy during this situation, how to take care of your health and immunity, how to wash hands and how to maintain social distance.

Children have returned to their online classes regularly; they didn’t face any difficulty in coping with the change. During the lockdown classes we arranged for children about technology usage especially Zoom App, Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. These sessions helped them a lot during online classes.

In Palms Enclave,  we arranged as usual summer camp for 8 weeks for better learning of our children during pandemic and summer vacations. We classified this time period into some learning clubs that were:

  • Life skills club
  • Language and research club
  • Art & Craft Club
  • Horticulture Club
  • Dramatic Club
  • Film and media club
  • Science and technology Club
  • Sports Club

Children selected clubs according to their choice and learned by fun.

During pandemic children’s fitness was our first priority. Our Wellbeing committee designed a daily yoga and sports plan as the fitness project. Children made their daily practice of sunrise daily yoga and Yoga meditation and noticed a change towards a healthy and fit body, mind and spirit. Their feedback about these activities was very positive. They think yoga changed their life positively. Our Well-being program consisted the following:

  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily sports
  • Martial Arts Trainings

The Well-Being program launched by our Community Health and Well-Being Committee which includes children and youth of Palms Enclave as members has worked hard to take decisions for the community  which were necessary for children’s healthy and positive growth.

Online school
Learning about SOPs
Martial Training


Palms Enclave Community has a mission to create an educational, healthy mind and environment.

So we organize different learning sessions for our children online or within the campus.

One of them was the online science workshops in collaboration with the venture Science fuse which included experts joining via online Zoom sessions to train our young scientists at Palms Enclave Campus.

“A scientific training for our future scientists”.

During workshop our kids learned and performed different activities e.g.

  • Air pressure
  • How to make ice cream
  • Constellations
  • Acids & Bases
  • Secrets of water
  • How to build rubber cannon
  • DNA Extraction
  • Force (a balloon that moves like a rocket)
  • Science of bubbles and liquid

This was the amazing training for our little scientist they enjoyed and learned. The objective of these activities was to enhance the knowledge of students about science and how they can do experiments with the small things which are available at home.

And they learned how to create and test hypotheses, collect data and draw conclusions while having fun. The curriculum emphasizes curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills in students.

Our kids actively participated in the Science fuse club, and activities they are performed with full zeal and zest. At the end of this online course, they got certificates from science fuse club. Science Fuse is a unique way to entertain and engage the children.

GLC SUPPORTS ROSHNI HOMES TRUST: English language improvement courses

Roshni Homes trust has a mission to educate and develop balanced human personalities to play a vital role in society. Palms Enclave community, its main project in Gujranwala is always finding some inspiring and learning sessions for the orphan children and as well as for their caregivers and it’s community staff, because caregivers are the core part of this mission.

These sessions help them to create a better environment or to educate children effectively at home. These sessions cover a wide range of psychological aspects so that caregivers can help children with their studies as well as their behaviors.

This Year RoshniHomes Trust signed an MOU from collective efforts of Director GLC, Dr. Taimur Kiyani and CEO, Roshni Homes Trust – Ms. Sahar Ahmad with Gift University Language Center – GLC to provide a better platform to our caregivers, staff and children as well for their learning. For 8 weeks our caregivers will be attending sessions of English improvements course by English language instructor & Lecturer of GLC (Gift University) Mr. Zahid Majeed a seasoned professional in English Language teaching.

These sessions include, role play, reading, listening and writing.  Sessions promote confidence and learning.


It is a wonderful opportunity for caregivers and our children. They have a platform to learn and practice and make their language skill perfect as the need of the current time.


PARTNERSHIP WITH KARMUQABLA - Education Technology for the win!

Roshni Homes Trust has just signed a partnership with HoundByte Technologies which is in business of designing and developing education related learning programs and applications, and has developed a web-based learning program by the name of “”, as a website and soon as a mobile application (the Technology Platform)

With the KarMuqabla mobile application and website, HBT provides

users/students the ability to test their knowledge by entering into quiz-style contests based on their curriculum and also allows them to compete against each other;

The purpose of the partnership is to implement the technology platform at Palms Enclave Academy and hence building the capacity of the children and to provide them an interactive interface to develop reasoning and other relevant educational skills;

Palms Enclave Academy operates with an aim to increase access to quality education, promote social cohesion, provide greater opportunities for learning and participation, improve the quality of learning outcomes through strengthening the

teaching/learning process through innovations; Palms Enclave academy is desirous of becoming an affiliate academy with a view to introduce the Karmuqabla application and the website

Onwards and forward to new ways of learning!

National Bank of Pakistan

We are thankful to National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) for supporting deserving orphan children of Roshni Homes Trust. The NBP contribution is helping Roshni Homes Trust to look-after the orphan children by providing quality education and living infrastructure. We highly commended the NBP support for a great cause to raise the orphan children as valuable citizens. Donate Now: Bank Alfalah Account Number: 00531002912289 Bank Dubai Islamic Account Number: 0102438001 UBL Account Number: 0109000211115016 The donors can call our office for the collection of cheque/ cash from home or office. Contact numbers for Lahore: +92 42 35290587, 35290742 Contact numbers for Gujranwala: +92 55 3892743-45 Note: Donations to Roshni Homes Trust are tax exempted.


Roshni Homes Proud Partnership with Daraz

Build a Home for the Orphans with Roshni Homes & Daraz.

Charities and Donations are an integral part of every society. It changes the lives of those in need. Even the smallest of donation makes a huge difference. If we wish to see our country progress, we need to make our society grow stronger and better. There are a number of children who are abandoned by their parents and look for shelter and all the basic necessities that they are worthy of. Roshni Homes is an orphanage set up to help the unfortunate children to grow stronger and better with a bright future. It is working to provide Shelter, Family Environment and Quality Education to the orphans. Roshni homes has partnered with Daraz to help orphans by giving them a safe environment to live in. They are providing them access to education for a better future. You can support by donating uniforms, set of stationery, sponsoring a school van, sponsoring education of a child. Also, you can help in providing shelter to the orphans by buying a brick for just Rs.500 for a new home for these children. In this Ramadan, you can be a part of this noble cause by by donating for their Sehar & Iftar with just Rs. 1200.

Daraz is Asia’s fastest growing online marketplace, offering an unparalleled and convenient shopping experience in PakistanBangladeshMyanmarSri Lanka and Nepal. Daraz hosts a wide assortment of consumer electronics, fashion and beauty products, alongside a rapidly growing miscellany of general merchandise. Daraz Cares is working on a commission-free model with a mission to make better use of the internet by serving to the community. It is the most convenient way of contributing your share to the society from the comfort of your home.