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   President's Message

In 1999 we conceived the idea of Roshni homes. I was very concerned about the poor treatment of orphans and guardian less children in the society and thought why not work for the most needy in the society which are none then the orphaned-abandoned and deserving children.

We want to become a role model for charities involved in child welfare nationally and internationally. Provide these organizations with a workable model which could be followed and replicated for producing best results. The kind of model which is focused on producing highly responsible and productive members of the society, and Alhamdolilah we are getting natural results by un-natural means.

   President's Profile

The Founder & President of this august institution, Mr. Anwar Dar had to leave his education incomplete to support his family. He was born in 1956 in a business family of Gujranwala. Mr. Anwar Dar saw the tides of his family fortune change at the age of 17 when he was studying at Government College Gujranwala to earn his F.Sc in pre-engineering. He thus left his education in 1973 to take up a trivial job. However, these hardships instead of dampening his spirit served as an impetus to further strengthen his resolve to grow and excel in his life. Mr. Anwar Dar thus started his own business in Poultry Medicines.

Mr. Anwar Dar is today a prominent personality of Gujranwala. He is a visionary leader, a renowned philanthropist and a prominent businessman. His sober personality and dynamic leadership has helped several organizations thrive and grow under his management. He is the Chairman of the progressive business conglomerate i.e. Credence Group. The group has a diversified portfolio and operates in the areas of Financial Services, Stock Trading, Education, Poultry Feed & Medicine, and Manufacturing; as well as the philanthropic initiative of Roshni Homes Trust.

Mr. Anwar Dar always had a strong urge to rise above himself and do something valuable for the community at large. In 1999 he conceived the idea of Roshni Homes Trust. Mr. Dar oversees all aspects of the trust and plays a key role in establishing the organization’s credibility and link with the business community and the government. He helps translate strategic and operating plans into objectives and with the help of the board he ensures that financial and monitoring controls are in place.

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