Palms Enclave Community has a mission to create an educational, healthy mind and environment.

So we organize different learning sessions for our children online or within the campus.

One of them was the online science workshops in collaboration with the venture Science fuse which included experts joining via online Zoom sessions to train our young scientists at Palms Enclave Campus.

“A scientific training for our future scientists”.

During workshop our kids learned and performed different activities e.g.

  • Air pressure
  • How to make ice cream
  • Constellations
  • Acids & Bases
  • Secrets of water
  • How to build rubber cannon
  • DNA Extraction
  • Force (a balloon that moves like a rocket)
  • Science of bubbles and liquid

This was the amazing training for our little scientist they enjoyed and learned. The objective of these activities was to enhance the knowledge of students about science and how they can do experiments with the small things which are available at home.

And they learned how to create and test hypotheses, collect data and draw conclusions while having fun. The curriculum emphasizes curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills in students.

Our kids actively participated in the Science fuse club, and activities they are performed with full zeal and zest. At the end of this online course, they got certificates from science fuse club. Science Fuse is a unique way to entertain and engage the children.