Story of Roshni Homes Trust

Children are the most precious asset of society as they are the picture of our future. Every parent strives hard to provide best facilities to their children for their upbringing and grooming. However, there is a large number of children who are not left with any parent or guardian. Unfortunately, the number is continuously increasing due to poverty, terrorist attacks and natural catastrophes. These children who are left with no support and guidance are most vulnerable to various hideous realities of life including hunger, begging, child labor, child militants, organ selling and other crime rings.

Roshni Homes is a story of triumph & hope over desperation. A group of philanthropists with a purpose to protect orphaned children came together and laid foundation of Roshni Homes Trust. The purpose was not just to provide the orphans a shelter but a home that that could channelize their energies towards constructive grind. Roshni Homes started off its efforts in year 2002 in developing, implementing, and sustaining a successful model to improve the conditions of orphans.

It is every child’s birthright to live, get education, healthcare, shelter and protection. Roshni Homes Trust is working with the inspiration of providing these birthrights to orphan children. The idea was to raise these vulnerable and deserving children in an affectionate and warm family environment and reintegrate them in society as responsible and self-sufficient citizens. Roshni Homes Trust looks forward to serve as an exemplary role model for other institutions working for child support and welfare both nationally and internationally.

Roshni Homes Trust operates eleven children’s homes that are constructed and maintained in 8 acre of land. Each home is designed for specific age groups to meet the different needs of the children ranging from Children and Young Adults.

How Roshni Homes Trust is Unique among other Orphanages

A home and family for children, competitive education and exposure, protection of self-esteem and a sense of giving back to society are the attributes that distinguish Roshni Homes Trust among other Orphanages.

Roshni Homes has laid a thorough system that ensures grooming of children to make them a useful part of society.

Each family creates its own home

We seek to nurture relationships. The homes at campus are more than just a shelter, they are a place where children share their moments, joys, and sorrows

Each child has a caring parent

Each home has a mother who looks after the needs of the children and gives them love and care

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To enable children to live a common life, girls and boys of different ages live together as brothers and sisters. When they reach the age of puberty (12 years), they are shifted to youth homes
Adolescence is a critical part of a child’s life

It is in adolescence that the child looks forward to parental and mentor guidance. At Roshni Homes, Guardian’s lend a shoulder to the youth, aid them in their emotional and educational upbringing and stay with them 24/7

The Roshni Homes Community

Roshni Homes families live together as a community. The community based set-up also helps to groom the children in becoming active members of society. We teach our children to lend a helping hand to others in need.

Gender Equality

At Roshni Homes, we seek to change attitudes and make an effort to diminish gender prejudice prevalent in society. The management of Roshni Homes is proud to support gender equality. We provide the best possible educational and personal development opportunities for both male and female children.

Physical fitness of Children

Another attribute of RHT is to keep children physically fit. Our campus is spread over an area of 8 acres where we have a lush green grounds for healthy physical activities for kids like Yoga, racing, playing soccer and cricket.