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Establishment of Roshni Homes Trust office in Chicago

Roshni Homes Trust in collaboration with Non-profit Empowerment Consultants has established a PR & Fundraising office in Chicago.

The office is playing a crucial role in liaising with Pakistani Americans in the US and giving them a firsthand view of Roshni Homes Trust activities for the betterment of orphans.

Angela Massey

With over twelve years’ experience in non-profit management and financial services industry, Angela Massey heads Non-profit Empowerment Group, a global consulting firm that assists non-profits, corporations and governments in the areas of social strategy, program development, financial and human resource management. In her professional capacity, she works with a number of the world’s foremost public, private and philanthropic leaders. In her previous role as a banker with JP Morgan Chase and Northwestern Mutual, she built her expertise in financial growth optimizing by aligning information systems with business strategies. As a staunch supporter of economic and social justice, she actively supports causes that bring people of diverse cultures and faiths together to advance peace and prosperity. Angela is a Northern Illinois University graduate with bachelors in management and marketing, and masters in management and information systems.

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Dr. Tariq H. Cheema

Dr. Tariq H. Cheema is a renowned social innovator and philanthropist who has devoted his life to making the world a peaceful, equitable, and sustainable place for all. He is the founder of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists, a global network of affluent individuals, foundations and socially conscious corporations dedicated to advance efficient and accountable giving. He received his M.D. from the University of Istanbul, and earned a Certificate of Advanced Study in Philanthropy at Loyola University Chicago. He is one of the Rockefeller Foundation\'s prestigious Next Generation Leadership Fellows. Dr. Cheema ranks among the 500 most influential Muslims impacting the world today.

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