Roshni Homes Visitors


Abdul Sattar Edhi

Delighted to meet Roshni Homes children, my compliments to the organizers. Our country today needs a collective effort for noble causes, you have taken a step, may Allah bless you for the initiative you have taken for nurturing innocent souls, may Allah keep you steadfast in it, Ameen.


Carmela Conroy

US Consul General to Lahore

Thank you for your hospitality! I wish the students all the best in their studies and lives and bless the adults helping them.


Zouhair A. Khaliq

CEO Mobilink, Pakistan

This is a wonderful effort to nurture and grow our children and prepare them for the future. I hope that we can see Roshni Homes continue to grow and provide this nurturing to more and more children.


Elizabeth Horst

US Consulate, Lahore

You have a lovely facility and are providing an important facility to young orphans in need. I wish you much success and God’s blessings.


Robert Gibson

British Deputy High Commissioner, Pakistan

I am greatly impressed by the youth home set up. I congratulate the management for providing such a wonderful home for the disadvantaged youth of our community.

inzimam ul haq


Captain Pakistan Cricket Team

Extremely pleased to see this facility and prayed for the success of this institution.


Fahad Qadir

Manager Public Affairs and Communications. Pak & Afghanistan Coca Cola

I have just witnessed something amazing here and I want to thank all the founders and volunteers for doing an amazing job. All the best!


Begum Bilquis Edhi

May Allah bless you in your cause. Ameen.


Mushtaq Ahmed

Ex-Leg Spinner, Pakistan Cricket Team

I praise Roshni Homes Trust. I have visited many such facilities in Europe but rank Roshni Homes Trust as the best.


Mrs. Abida Mahmood

Administrator, Qurban & Surraya Educational Trust, Walton, Lahore.

It has been a great pleasure and honour to visit Roshni Homes Trust. We wish we could have more places like this in Pakistan. May Allah give us all this kind of vision and mission in life. Prayers for the whole team.


Malik Meraj Khalid

Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan

May God bless you, thankful to Almighty for visiting this institution.


Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami


Long live Roshni Homes Trust!


Lt. Gen (Retd.) Khalid Maqbool

Ex Governor of the Punjab

In the shape of Roshni Homes Trust, Dollar East Exchange company has established an absolutely first rate facility for the orphans/abandoned children. I compliment the organizers for their philanthropic contributions.


Richard Jao

Political, Economic Chief US Consulate, Lahore

Keep up the great work!

Maj. Gen A.N Saleem Mela

Commander Log Area, Gujranwala

It has been an immense pleasure and privilege for me to visit Roshni, my compliments to the management for arranging such an excellent facility in Gujranwala. I wish you all the luck and success in your very noble endeavours. GOD be with you.

Maeda Akbar

Clinical Psychologist, Children’s Hospital, Lahore

It’s a wonderful place with warm people around. Best wishes for future programs.

Ms. Fatima Asad-Said

Management Consultant

The services Roshni Homes Trust is providing are remarkable, what could be more humane than providing a quality lifestyle and education and future for the children of Pakistan. A very humbling experience.

Bryan Daniel Hunt

Principal Officer US Consulate, Lahore

I Congratulations on an outstanding initiative. There can be no important task then caring for and educating the next generation of Pakistani children. I wish you every success in your endeavors

Aslam Khan

Head WFP Sub-office, Lahore

The world food program and Roshni Homes Trust had a very active partnership and collaboration for “Walk the World” event held in Lahore on 12 June, 2005. During my visit I am extremely impressed to see the wonderful accommodation and care for the children. These facilities of accommodation, food, environment and education could hardly be found in any institution like this in Pakistan. WFP is thankful to Roshni Homes Trust and I am personally very much impressed with the project of Roshni Homes

Kathy Eagen

Public Affairs Officer US Consulate, Lahore

Thanks for sharing with us this wonderful facility, please continue this important work.

Iftikhar Gillani


It is indeed a pleasure to visit this institution. The standards are really impressive and the cause noble and rewarding. One is touched to see the sincerity of the cause and I pray most sincerely for the success of this effort.

Lt. Gen (Retd.) Muhammad Iqbal

Chairman Red Crescent Society, Punjab/ Ex-Governor of the Punjab

May God reward you for this endeavour

Qazi Rahat Jawaid

Principal Garrison Academy, Gujranwala

I did not expect anything like this in Gujranwala. Beautiful campus, qualified staff very very impressive. May God bless you for doing such a wonderful job in Pakistan; you people have done a great service to this country. I wish you success in every project and I hope we will render services together and help and encourage each other. Keep up the good work.