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Our Vision is to build a community of empowered orphans and people that can contribute to society and humanity at large.

Orphan Care

Orphan Care

From providing a home and family, to giving them a healthy growing environment – learn what we do and how
Orphan Education

Orphan Education

From educating orphans in good schools to giving them all the life-tools – learn what we do and how
Community Building

Community Building

From developing our community people to taking leadership initiatives – learn what we do and how

Discover what’s possible when a community creates together.

We are Helping Hand on

Affordable Healthcare
Our volunteer team of doctors provide free healthcare facility to community
Community Library
Our community library gives online and physical access to books and resources
Technology and Innovation
We invest in latest technologies and innovative approaches to sustainable development
Education and Training
We provide learning tools and career development trainings to youth and professionals
Edible Food Gardens
We grow our own food and share our harvest with the community
Local Outreach
Emergency relief projects to small entrepreneurship programs for needy people

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