What We Do



The core of our work revolves around providing care and family support to orphan disadvantaged children who have lost the support of a family environment. Roshni Homes Trust believes that all children deserve to receive care and a loving family. We are committed as a community to provide the best possible environment where children grow up to become independent and empowered individuals.


When the child has received appropriate care and is integrated into the home environment, we then make sure that he or she receives a quality education by having them prepared for schooling. We not only provide them access to the best possible schools but Roshni Homes Trust takes pride in its internal development systems where each child is periodically assessed in not only academic skills but also psychosocial behavior and other aspects of their holistic development. We also particularly focus on the development of morals by having values and ethics sessions with all children.


Another area of our work has a focus on community development, where all people of Roshni Homes Trust are given various opportunities for development in their skill sets. Training and development initiatives are taken on a regular basis where each member of the community is given an opportunity to enhance their skills. We have several other programs such as Horticulture, Yoga, Coaching, etc where members develop specialized skill sets by working with experts. We also develop meaningful partnerships with other organizations and expert individuals who offer support in our work and continuously provide guidance and resources for our programming.