Our 7 Pillars

The unique system of Roshni Homes Trust is based on the following 7 key pillars:


Self Esteem

At Roshni Homes Trust it is of extreme importance that self-esteem of children should not be hurt. They should not be exposed to the outer world like a product to get donations or charity. So as policy children are not exposed or supposed to appear in their own donation campaigns. Donors are also not allowed to hand over donations directly to children.



At Roshni Homes Trust orphan children live with the complete necessities of life. Each home has 3 bedrooms attached bathrooms, one bedroom for the caretaker and 2 for the children, a TV lounge, kitchen and round the clock security system. Roshni Homes Trust tries to ensure that these children have all the facilities that kids of a normal upper-middle-class family enjoy. The caretaker is each home is the mother of children. She manages the house with assistance from a governess. The caretaker is the most important person for the children’s emotional and intellectual development as she is like a mother to these children.

health wellness

Healthcare and Wellbeing

Roshni Homes Trust has weekly scheduled visits of physicians to ensure the health of the kids. In addition to this, a psychotherapist also visits to not only understand the psychological issues of the kids but also for counseling of the kids through one on one discussion sessions. Another important aspect is the training of the caretakers so that they can tackle some of the psychological issues right in the beginning and understand child care and development in a more holistic manner.


Quality Education

In line with its vision, Roshni Homes Trust recognizes the importance of education to make the children productive and responsible citizens of society. Roshni Homes Trust children are sent to the leading schools in the city. The idea for not having a school within the premises is to give the children every opportunity to lead normal lives and also develop the ability to go to normal schools where they can study alongside other children from various backgrounds and families. In this way, it is ensured that Roshni Homes Trust children are interacting and studying with other students and taking part in society at large to understand their own place in the world.

Many other facilities are provided such as:

  • Academic assistance at the Learning and Development Center
  • Computer labs
  • GIFT Online library
  • Academic Performance systems
  • Lego and Robotics
  • Physical Fitness & Sports


Siblings play a key role in the intellectual and emotional development of a child; hence, girls and boys of different ages grow up together at Roshni Homes Trust as one family like brothers and sisters. After the age of 12, boys and girls are moved to separate youth homes.



The most important component of Roshni Homes Trust is motherly care. The caretaker stays with the children 24/7 in order to cater to all the emotional and physical needs of the children.


Community Participation

The core of the Roshni Homes Trust philosophy is to build a community system, which works in a certain framework developed by trustees and advisors of the Roshni Homes Trust. The community system not only provides the framework but also empowers the various committees of the community to take their decisions on their own. The role of each trustee and advisor is not more than a consultant, which on the request of the governing body only can offer support.

The participation of the Roshni Homes Trust community with society is the second layer of Roshni Homes Trust’s philosophy. The board of trustees and advisors strongly believe to create a strong partnership with the society and only through the partnership the children of Roshni Homes Trust can become responsible and confident members of society.

This partnership will ensure how our children will be beneficial and supportive of the welfare of society. A community center is planned to establish the needed partnership with society.