Roshni Relief

Roshni Relief is an emergency disaster relief project. The immediate priority after a natural disaster is providing emergency first aid and medical services to injured persons. Then comes providing the people affected by the disaster with basic facilities like Food, Water, shelter & basic medical items. 

We have created a fund that will come in use in case of emergencies. Depending on the situation, Roshni Relief can work both individually or partner up with organisations that are already deployed and working on ground by providing them with much needed materials. 

COVID Relief 2020: A Global pandemic (CoVid-19) hit the world in 2020 and imposed lockdowns across the globe bringing economic activities to a grinding halt. Here in Pakistan, this directly impacted the labour force which survives on daily wages to feed their families. 

Roshni Homes launched a campaign to distribute Ration Packs to these distressed families. We successfully distributed 200 ration packs for an average family of 6 people to survive on for a whole month. The distribution was done in the rural areas of Gujranwala where most of these daily workers reside and commute daily to factories to find work. 

Roshni relieved